There should be a minimum total accumulation of 1500 (clock) hours, including 230 hours of theory classes, 1200 hours of skilled work and 70 unassigned hours of theory or skilled, used at the instructor's discretion as needed of the student dictates.  The objective of the cosmetology course is to prepare you for all aspects of the salon service.  Through classroom theory and clinical practice, you will begin the well-rounded foundation you need to become a successful cosmetologist.  Our school's cosmetology comprehensive training will give you a solid foundation upon which will prepare you for many fields, such as: Hair Stylist, Day Spa Technician, Hair Coloring Specialist, Make-up Artist, Salon Owner, Platform Artist, Product Promoter, Sales Representative for beauty products, Educator, Lecturer, and many more.

The following topics are taught in a classroom setting, practical setting, or a combination of both.
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•Products, Tools, and Equipment, Use and Safety
•Bacteriology / Biology
•Skin Physiology
•Nail Physiology
•Hair Styling
•Hair Cutting
•Perm Wrapping
•Color Application
•Chemical Relaxer Application
•Wigs and Hair pieces
•Scalp and Hair Treatments
•Skin care treatments
•Application of Cosmetics
•Hair Removal
•Professional Ethics
•Effective Communication and Human Relations
•Business Planning
•Licensing or certification requirements and regulation
•Business Management

Prices Based on Location:CorinthTupelo
U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 39-5012.00
Clock Hours Required: 1,500 hrs 1,500 hrs
Tuition Costs: Full-time / Part-time $12,600.00 $12,600.00
Books and Kit Costs: Non-Refundable Once Issued $1,800.00 $1,800.00
Registration Fee: Non-Refundable $175.00 $175.00
Total Program Cost: Full-time / Part-time $14,575.00 $14,575.00
2013 Completion Rate: Percentage of students that actually graduated 79.71%79.71%
2013 Licensure Rate: Percentage of graduates that passed the licensing exam 90.20%90.20%
2013 Placement Rate: Percentage of Graduates Eligible
for employment that are actually employed in the
cosmetology field
2013 On-time Graduation Rate:  58.43%58.43%
2010 Median Loan Debt: Title IV Loan debt incurred
by graduates who completed the program